Course Equipment and Stationery

For each of the subjects specialised stationery and equipment may be required.

Write-On Workbooks

It is highly recommended that each student has their own personal copy of any write on workbooks used in their course. These   can normally  be bought  from  Solway  College who may get them at a discounted rate. Permission to charge these workbooks to your account will be required and permission checklists will be made available.

Having their own workbook saves on students providing their own stationery for the course and will have on going usefulness to students. However, if the student is not purchasing a personal copy, workbooks will be available for them so they will not be disadvantaged. They will have access to all the same exercises and content necessary for their course. These loaned workbooks will be treated as school text books; text book issue rules will apply and they cannot be written in. Students will be expected to work on their own paper/exercise books when doing activities from these issued workbooks. They will have to make their own copies of diagrams  etc. They will        not  be  available  for  ongoing reference after the course has been completed as they will be handed back in.


It is highly recommended that each student has their own personal calculator at the specifications listed in subject descriptions. If a student is not buying their own personal calculator there will be some available for students to use in class and at designated prep times so they will not be disadvantaged.
These loaned calculators however are school property and must be used in accordance with Solway College guidelines (for example they will be issued and only be available in school, not to be taken home).

Course materials

Students may be producing completed items during their courses that they can then take home or have for personal use outside school. Payment for the cost of the materials for such items will be required.
Parents will be informed about work where students will be able to purchase the result of a project taken home or for own use and the likely costs involved. This will include a fair share of the indirect costs of the project.

Please note that any costs in completing and finishing projects taken home, above and beyond required school standards, will also be a personal cost.