Year 12 Students


At Solway College Year 12 students are fully timetabled for the whole week.

There are no free study periods allocated. 

Six subjects are to be taken by each Year 12 student

 At Year 12, English or literacy remains compulsory. It is advisable that at least University Entrance literacy requirements are earned this year to ensure education pathways at tertiary level are available.
 Year 12 students who have yet to reach Level 1 NCEA numeracy and University Entrance
 numeracy will need to complete programmes to ensure that these requirements are met.
 A science subject is strongly recommended for all students.

For students who feel that

Most employers will want someone with proven skills in English and math.  Communication skills rate high on this list.  You will have a better chance of winning a job of your choosing if you pass these subjects with Merit or Excellence.

When applying for a position you will take your Record of Learning qualifications sheets with you so your prospective employer can see clearly your strengths and weaknesses in each subject.

Students should be reminded that when applying for halls of residence, hostels and for tertiary courses, it is the Year 12 achievement information that accompanies their applications.  It is on this information that future tertiary institutions base hostel and course selections.

The choices you make now will have a huge impact on the job or career choice you may have when you leave school.  

Plan carefully for the future.  Use the templates enclosed to aid subject choice.