Selecting courses for Year 11-13? What should I bear in mind?

Generally, when choosing subjects students should keep in mind the following:










Look at the trends in employment.

  • Will there be a job available at the conclusion of the course you have chosen?


  • In the future it is expected that adults will make six to fourteen major occupational changes in their life.
  • The growing job markets at the present are in all aspects of information management, the medical and allied professions (nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, doctors etc) biotechnology and science including food technologists.  Other employment opportunities that continue to grow include the travel and tourism industry and the service industry in general.  Mathematics, statistics and modelling is another growth area.
  • In tomorrow's world it may be better to develop skills that can be applied across a broad area rather than job specific skills.  A must see is the film “Shift happens” to be found at




In the current economic climate the job market and tertiary training places are extremely competitive.  Minimum requirements for jobs, training applications, hostel places are now insufficient.  Candidates need to have superior grades and need to be able to demonstrate a large range of skills.