Year 7 Spanish

Course Description

Year 7 Spanish (This course takes place over two terms)

Learning a new language provides a means of communicating with people from another culture and exploring one’s own personal world.

Students will learn to be able to: 

• greet, farewell, and thank people; 

• introduce themselves and others; 

• recognise and respond to greetings, farewells, introductions, and thanks; 

• ask for and respond to simple personal information; 

• recognise and respond to simple classroom instructions; 

• understand and express dates and time.

In personal and familiar contexts, students should be able to: 

Listening • understand and respond appropriately (in words or actions) to simple words and phrases; • get the gist of phrases and short sentences; • recognise and understand key words in simple phrases. 

Speaking • approximate pronunciation and intonation by imitating sounds, simple words, names, and phrases; • respond appropriately to simple set phrases, questions, or visual stimuli. 

Reading • identify letters of the alphabet, combinations of letters, accents, and punctuation, and their associated sounds; • recognise and understand simple words and phrases. 

Writing • write alphabet letters, names, and simple words and phrases, using accents and punctuation.

Course Overview

Term 1
Basic Foundation
- Alphabet
- Pronunciation Table
- Numbers
- Basic Questions
- Vocabulary

Term 2
Spanish Speaking Countries
- World Map
- Flags
- Capital
- Population
- President
- Spanish Food
- Famous People
- Animals


Career Pathways