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Year 9 Food and Nutrtion

Course Description

Teacher in Charge:

In Year 9 Home Economics students look at foods from different cultures working in teams to produce a food stall.  They also work on a "Masterchef" activity planning a balanced 3 course meal, again as part of a team. They will learn nutrition,portion sizes,costing,time management, team work and Hauora as they work on these activities.

Course Overview

Term 1
Students work in pairs on an inquiry into foods from another culture.They consider influences on food from that culture.They are encouraged to make a range of dishes from the culture.

Term 2
First half of term students complete their cultural talk bringing it to a close with a cultural stall and competition .
Students then work in teams on a Masterchef task.They are encouraged to look at ingredients,portion sizes and time management.Presentation skills are also developed.

Term 3
Students complete the Masterchef task,presenting their three course meal.

Term 4
Students will chose a food inquiry to work on linked to nutrition.

Learning Areas:

Food & Nutrition