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Level 3 Statistics

Course Description

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Recommended Prior Learning

Year 12 Maths with Statistics Course 

Students must have suceesfully completed the year 12 Maths with Statistics course. 

Year 13 Statistics

This course prepares students for tertiary studies and it is a requirement for most university courses that require crictical  and analytical thinking. 

Students will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to apply Statistics and Probability concepts in a real world context or a mathematical world context  while at the same time  gaining NCEA Level 3 Achievement Standard credits.  Students will study time series, bi-variate data,   mutivaraiate data , probability concepts and probability distributions. 

Course Overview

Term 1
Statiscal Methods and Inference

Bivariate Data

Term 2
Bivariate Data

Time Series Data

Term 3
Probability Concepts

Probability Distributions

Term 4
Revision and Catch up

Learning Areas: