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Level 3 English

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: 7032797

Recommended Prior Learning

Levels One and Two English. This is a literature-based course. Students will need to have completed a full Level 2 English programme and passed at least one Level 2 external standard to be prepared for Level 3 English. Both Level 2 English with Media and Level 2 English lead to level 3 English.

Year 13 English

This is a full year course that enables students to work towards gaining credits for Level Three NCEA.  The course is typically comprised of up to 16 internal credits and up to 12 external credits at Level Three. There is some flexibility in the course. Students may opt for one, two or three of the external standards The full list of the standards, which the course is selected from, are listed below.     

Course Overview

Term 1
Writing portfolio AS91475 (INTERNAL) begin writing portfolio
Unfamiliar texts AS91474 (EXTERNAL) weekly practice task
Film study AS91473 (EXTERNAL)
Close viewing of film AS91480 (INTERNAL)

Term 2
Unfamiliar texts AS91474 (EXTERNAL) bi-weekly practice task
Writing portfolio AS91475 (INTERNAL) writing portfolio piece
Extended written text AS91472 (EXTERNAL)

Term 3
Significant connections AS91478 (INTERNAL)
Writing portfolio AS91475 (INTERNAL) writing portfolio piece

Term 4
Revision of extended written text AS91472 (EXTERNAL)
Revision of visual text AS91473 (EXTERNAL)
Revision of unfamiliar texts AS91474 (EXTERNAL)

Speech or seminar AS91476 (INTERNAL)
Create a visual text AS91477 (INTERNAL)

Learning Areas: