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Level 3 Design

Course Description

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Recommended Prior Learning

Level 2 Design

Year 13 Art Design

This is a Graphic Design and Illustration course built on a student centred theme. Students will build on their level 2 understanding of design concepts, tools and methods using a variety of free hand and digital tools. It is expected that students will work independently with teacher guidance, and use on-line tutorials for Photoshop, In-Design and Illustrator where appropriate for exploring solutions for their chosen design brief.

Students may choose to work more on Graphic Design, Typography, Graphic Novel or Illustration depending on their interests and strengths. Achievement Standard tasks will be designed to accommodate the student's chosen area of study.

Students will complete 6 sub-briefs under an over-riding design task or brief of their choice. The first two sub-briefs will form the basis of the two Internal Assessments and all 6 of the sub-briefs will form the External folio assessment.

Course Overview

Term 1
Students will brain storm a personal design brief and do extensive research of imagery and exemplars. Creating their own raw material through photography or drawing and painting could be useful here.
Students will begin their first Internal assessment and first Design sub-brief.
Students will extend their knowledge where necessary through various tutorials in Photoshop, Illustrator and In-Design so as to have the necessary tools to complete their design concepts.
Students will study a wide range of contemporary and traditional design models appropriate to their theme and briefs and incorporate their techniques into their own concepts.
Students will create a google doc. with all of their research, analysis and developments.
Students will continue to work on their first Design sub-brief and extend this into their next related sub-brief by regenerating ideas with further research.

Term 2
Students will continue to extend their knowledge and to be able to create the desired effects. Students will continue to study a wide range of contemporary and traditional design models appropriate to their theme and briefs.
Students will complete their first four design sub-briefs and their internal assessments.
Students will continue to add to their google doc. with all of their research, analysis and developments.

Term 3
Students will complete their last two sub-briefs by investigating more design models and demonstrating concepts, developments and final designs for each.
Students will plan the layout for their three folio boards using two sub-briefs for each board. Students should aim to have all but finishing details completed by the end of term 3 ready for printing early term 4.

Term 4
Students will complete their folio layout and printing. Boards will be due by the end of week 3 for external moderation.

Learning Areas:

Visual Arts

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Students may choose to work on the school computers or have the digital programmes loaded on to their personal computer. It is important that they are able to complete extra work outside of class hours and have access to a computer with the appropriate programmes to do this.

Students will be required to pay for their external folio boards and printing but all other assessments can be done digitally.