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Level 3 Chinese

Course Description

Teacher in Charge:

This course is open to Year 11 - 13 students wishing to gain NCEA credits in Chinese.  

Course information and work will be in Google Classroom.

Students will also have access to course materials and loan textbooks with CDs; contact through Skype, text-messaging and email; links to Chinese websites for information and practise.
At NZC Learning Languages Level 5: “Students can understand and produce more complex language. They can communicate beyond the immediate context, for example, about past and future events. Students can understand and produce a variety of text types.”
At NZC Learning Languages Level 8: Students can use language variably and effectively to express and justify their own ideas and opinions and support or challenge those of others. They are able to use and identify the linguistic and cultural forms that guide interpretation and enable them to respond critically to texts.

Students may also avail themselves to

  1. China Educational Summer Camp

  2. Immersion Study Exchange in Nanchang China

  3. Regional Chinese Speech Competition

Topics covered include:

  1. learning about self to others and beyond 

  2. building knowledge on how Chinese is linguistically and socially organised

  3. Gain valuable cultural knowledge

You will gain skills in: Listening; Speaking; Reading Pinyin and Chinese Characters; and Writing  Pinyin and Chinese Characters

Students should have completed:
 Level 1: a pre-NCEA Chinese course

Level 2: a Level 1 Chinese course

Level 3: a Level 2 Chinese course

Access to a device e.g. laptop or chromebook or cell phone to use the internet

Access to a CD player

Check email  at the start of the week

Stay in regular communication with the tutor

There will be opportunities to take 3 internal assessment standards and 2 external achievement standards at Levels 1, 2 or L3..  Each course level offers 24 credits.

Course Overview

Term 1
Give a clear spoken presentation in Chinese that communicates a critical response to stimulus material
Write a variety of text types in clear Chinese to explore and justify varied ideas and perspectives

Term 2
Interact clearly using spoken Chinese to explore and justify varied ideas and perspectives in different situations

Term 3
Demonstrate understanding of a variety of extended spoken Chinese texts
Demonstrate understanding of a variety of extended written and/or visual Chinese texts

Learning Areas:

Distance Learning

Detailed Course Outline