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Students will complete Spanish NCEA Level 2, credits will be offered internally through the  Speech and Writing internal assessments and externally in Reading and Listening.  This course deals with Spanish as used in familiar contexts.  This course will deal mainly with New Zealand curriculum Levels 6 and 7 and will refer briefly to aspects at Level 8.  We will also cover cultural, historical and geographical elements as they apply to the topics.


Topics covered include:

  1. Future plans

  2. Family and relationships

  3. Healthy living

  4. Festivals and celebrations

  5. Technology and Social Networks


Level 1 Spanish


  Education Perfect Subscription - Spanish

  Access to Google Docs

  Access to Google Classroom - a Volanics email would be beneficial to facilitate this.

  Access in school and at home to an internet and google classroom capable device.

  Access to this device during class time - one per student is required.


Throughout the year there will be an opportunity to complete 2  Internal achievement standards and 2 External achievement standards.  The course offers 19 credits at Level 2.


 Anna Pallares - [email protected] - Wentworth College

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Distance Learning