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During this course we will read about and discuss various topics including current issues about young people, their relationships and friendships, leisure activities as well as health and environmental issues in NZ and German speaking countries. Students will use the target language effectively to express their ideas and opinions and negotiate meaning. We will compare and discuss similarities and differences between NZ and German speaking countries. Topics include: Freundschaft und Beziehungen Gesundheit Reisen, Freizeit und Neuseeland Märchen Umwelt Level 1 German or similar level (at the discretion of the teacher) Download (or print) the topic booklets and Level 1 and Level 2 vocabulary lists provided in Pdf Sign up with Education Perfect $ 30 per student This course consists of three internal assessments and two external assessments. A total of 24 credits will be offered. Angelika Young, [email protected] Volcanics Cluster

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