Level 2 Home Economics

Course Description

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Recommended Prior Learning

Level 1 Home Economics is useful but not essential,Level 1 PE or Health would also be useful.

In Year 12 Home Economics students look at a variety of topics including sustainable food practices,analysis of the prevision of food for Vegans, consider health promotion strategies and look at the relationships between well-being,food choices and the determinants of health. The under being Hauora is considered in each case.

Course Overview

Term 1
In term 1 students look at locally grown food,consider food waste and preservation techniques that promote sustainability. Practical work will be linked to the sustainable practices.

Term 2
Term 2 the focus is back to the nutritional needs of Vegans and strategies to ensure their specific food requirements are met. Practical work will reflect this theory covered.

Term 3
Students consider the determinants of health and how these work together to influence food choices and health promotion strategies . These are the themes for the external standards.

Term 4
The key focus here is unpacking passed external papers.

Learning Areas:

Food & Nutrition