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Level 2 Accounting

Course Description

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Recommended Prior Learning

It is highly recommended that you have studied Accounting at NCEA Level 1.

Year 12 Accounting looks in detail at businesses which use Accounts Receivable and  Accounts Payable subsystems. Students will learn about the importance of inventory management and how a firm may do this. Preparation and interpretation of financial statements is again key to the year 12 programme with a significant focus on the period end adjustments. This year includes a combination of emphasis on manual and computer processing of transactions. Students are also expected to look at how a contemporary accounting issue affects decision making for an accounting entity.

Course Overview

Term 1
Accounting Concepts

Accounts Receivable sub-systems

Term 2
Contemporary accounting issues affecting decision making

Inventory subsystems

Term 3
Financial Statement preparation

Using accounting software to process financial transactions or cash flows

Term 4
Revision and exams

Learning Areas:



Level 3 Accounting, Level 3 Business Studies

Career Pathways

Accountant, Auditor

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Workbook purchase recommended price $35, for students to have a write-on, personal, take home copy, but text copies will be available for students use if preferred.