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Level 1 Social Studies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: 16915386

In this course you will be working towards gaining Level One. The work you do throughout the year will be assessed through: 

Internal assessments - assignments and activities carried out throughout the year.

External assessments - exams at the end of year.

We will be looking at skills which are essential for research, which is a big part of Social Science. These are just some of the many topics we could look at: Human Rights, Sweatshops, Child Soldiers, Gender Equality, Sustainability and local issues.

Course Overview

Term 1
Conduct a Social Inquiry: Social Inquiry

Term 2
Describe a social justice and human rights action

Term 3
What is the future for our river? OR Local Issue of your choice with teachers approval. Explain how human activity in a natural environment has consequences for a sustainable future.

Term 4
Making a difference. Undertake a personal action, with reflection, that contributes to a sustainable future.

Learning Areas:

Social Sciences