Level 1 Music

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs P. Robinson

Recommended Prior Learning

Pre-requisite:  Completed Year 10 music course or by consultation with Mrs Pam Robinson.  All students should be able to play to Trinity Grade 3 standard of solo performance and be receiving private tuition specialising in at least one instrument.

Year 11 Music

Course Description

Learn about the science of sound and the buzz  of being a performer playing an instrument or singing.  Throughout the year you will learn to compose your own music as well as team tagging composition using a variety of programmes, such as Mixcraft, Soundtrap and Noteflight.  As well as improving listening and music-reading skills.  Research is done utilising Project Learning in groups. 

As each task is completed peer reflection and self-reflection is completed to improve next steps.

Topics covered:-  Solo performance, group performance, compositions, research, score reading and aural skills.

Groups to get involved in:  There will be opportunities to be part of the chamber music group, jazz band, rock band, choir and small singing group.  Each group will be expected to perform to the community and take part in competitions offered in the community.

Pre-requisite:  Completed Year 10 music course or by consultation with Mrs Pam Robinson.  All students should be able to play to Trinity Grade 3 standard of solo performance and be receiving private tuition specialising in at least one instrument or voice.

Assessment: will incorporate both formative and summative exercises throughout the year using criteria set down by NZQA for NCEA Level One.  NZQA are developing extensive music technology courses and these will be added as they are offered.

Next Steps:  Level 2 Music

Achievement Standards currently offered are as below.  Every student at level 1 will be required to sit Achievement Standard 91093.

1.1  Achievement Standard 91090    Perform two pieces of music as a featured soloist         6 credits

1.2  Achievement Standard 91091    Demonstrate ensemble skills through performing a piece of music as a               member of a group                                                                                                      4 credits

1.3  Achievement Standard 91092    Compose two original pieces                              6 credits

1.4  Achievement Standard 91093    Demonstrate aural and theoretical skills through transcription                                   4 credits   (external)

1.5  Achievement Standard 91094    Demonstrate knowledge of conventions used in music scores                                   4 credits  (external)

1.6  Achievement Standard 91095    Demonstrate knowledge of two music works from contrasting contexts

 6 credits  

Unit Standard 26687    Demonstrate and apply knowledge of sound technology for a performance context

4 credits

Course Overview

Term 1
Learning Folders detailing what is required for each standard are shared online for students to read, highlight and understand what is required for each standard.

Achievement Standard 91095 and Achievement Standard 91091 = 10 credits
Students will start with study of contrasting works. One work will be done as a group study of a song written by a New Zealand composer. Each student will choose their own contrasting work to study. In the contrasting study it is expected that a works composed for a specific instrument (preferably the one played by individual students), will be chosen to discover what their instrument is capable of to inform their own techniques for performance and compositions.
During this study and in the following weeks students will form group/s to rehearse as a group to perform a song from their chosen New Zealand composer.

Term 2
Unit Standard 26887 = 4 credits Demonstrate and apply knowledge of sound technology for a performance context.
This standard offers a pass with Achieved, Merit or Excellence. This unit standard sets students up for success with understanding the use of a p.a. system and the use of a variety of microphones.

Revisiting Standard 91094 will see the girls deeper study of the conventions used in music scores and aural understanding.

Both of these will help with Standard 91092: Compose two original pieces. One composition is expected to be completed by the end of this term to use as half year school wide assessment.

Term 3
Students will be encouraged to video 3 performances per piece. Each one is to be accompanied by a reflection. The student can decide which performance they want to submit to be assessed. Each performance is to be in front of an audience.

In depth study of the conventions in music scores will be studied through Project Based Learning.

A second composition will be completed during the study of conventions of music scores.

Concentration on the convention of written scores is paramount this term towards the derived grade exams.

Term 4
Further study of external standards offered as well as tasters of what is expected at Level 2 Music.

Learning Areas:



Level 2 Music

Career Pathways

Private Teacher/Tutor, Secondary School Teacher, Musician, Sound Technician

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

It is imperative you own or rent your own instrument.
Every music student at this level is expected to be a member of one of the music groups offered at Solway College.

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