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Year 11 Korean

Students can understand and produce more complex language in a variety of text types in Korean. They can communicate beyond the immediate context, for example, about past and future events. Students can express and respond to personal ideas and opinions and communicate appropriately in different situations. Students can understand ways in which the Korean language and culture are organised for different purposes .

This course encourages effective communication in listening and responding, speaking and presenting, interacting, reading/viewing and writing.  In Year 11 the language, vocabulary, structures and themes studied in Year 9 and Year 10  are revised and extended and themes such as the following are studied:  ‘All about me’ ‘My town’ ‘Holiday’ ‘My school’ ‘My friend’s birthday’ By the end of Year 11 you will have completed working at Level 6 of the National Curriculum and will have presented for assessment in 24 credits of NCEA Level One.  Year 11 students continue to develop the skills of years 9 and 10 (understanding and use of familiar expressions and everyday vocabulary, and understanding and constructing simple and more complex language in familiar and social situations).  You will develop communication beyond the immediate context of your life e.g. about past and future events.  You will learn to understand and produce a variety of text types, using a variety of tenses, structures and vocabulary, developing beyond language survival skills towards social competence.

Course Overview

Term 1
 5.1 Communicate about past activities and events
 5.2 Communicate about present and past states, feelings and opinions
 5.3 Communicate about past habits and routines

Term 2
 5.4 Describe, compare, and contrast people, places and things
 6.1 Give and follow instructions

Term 3
 6.2 Communicate about problems and solutions
 6.3 Communicate about immediate plans, hopes, wishes and intentions
 6.4 Communicate in formal situations

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Distance Learning

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Interpreter, Translator