Level 1 Home Economics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms M. Green

Year 11 Food and Nutrition

There are four Achievement standards covered in this course.The first is linked to Food Safety and Hygiene. The second looks at Societal  Influences on our food choices and starts to look at portion sizes and nutritional needs of individuals. The final two standards are taught along side each other.One is an internal and the other the external standard. Students are reinforcing their nutritional knowledge,planning meals using the Recommended Daily Intake for those individuals and lokking at the information given on packaging. At all stages of study students are encouraged to consider the dimensions of Hauora.

Course Overview

Term 1
A brief introduction to nutrition. Then we move on to looking at practices and strategies to address food handling issues. Personnel hygiene,bacteria and food contamination,hygienic preparation of food are all considered.

Term 2
This term we look at the four dimensions of Hauroa and look at how individuals enhance each others well being. Students consider their own families and how each family member's well being is influenced by external factors.

Term 3
We return to looking at nutrition,nutritional guidelines,portion sizes and plan meals for specific individuals. In addition to this we look at how packaging influence food choices.

Term 4
Revision for the external exam and practice of exam papers.


Level 2 Home Economics

This course is ideal for students interested in health and food related courses related careers. It is a university approved course where students are encouraged to critically analyse information. There is a limited practical element to the course which could lead to a career in the hospitality industry .

Recommended Prior Learning

Whilst it is beneficial students have completed some Food and Nutrition in the junior school it is not essential.

Credit Information

This course is eligible for subject endorsement.

This course is approved for University Entrance.

Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits UE Literacy Credits Numeracy Credits
A.S. 90956 v3 Home Economics 1.1 - Demonstrate knowledge of an individual's nutritional needs
A.S. 90957 v3 Home Economics 1.2 - Demonstrate understanding of societal influences on an individual's food choices and well-being
A.S. 90959 v3 Home Economics 1.4 - Demonstrate knowledge of practices and strategies to address food handling issues
A.S. 90961 v3 Home Economics 1.6 - Demonstrate understanding of how packaging information influences an individual's food choices and well-being
Total Credits

Total Credits Available: 19 credits.
Externally Assessed Credits: 4 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 15 credits.

Pathway Tags

Bakeinfo: Careers in baking, breadmaking, pastry cooking and flour milling. NZ Baking Industry Research Trust (NZ). www.bakeinfo.co.nz careersnz: Careers in the Food Sciences Careers NZ (NZ). Fonterra Graduate Careers: Graduate careers at Fonterra, the multinational dairy company Fonterra (NZ). www.fonterra.com/nz/en/careers/graduate-careers.html Go Dairy: Careers in the NZ dairy industry. Dairy NZ (NZ). www.godairy.co.nz Developing new food products: This feature on The FOODBOWL contains a series of video clips illustrating the expertise, innovation and technology that goes into developing new food products for export. Science Learning Hub (NZ). www.sciencelearn.org.nz/resources/1667-facilitating-food-innovation-in-new-zealand www.careers.govt.nz

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