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Level 1 Art

Course Description

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Recommended Prior Learning

No pre-requisite is required for this subject but having completed the year 10 art course will be an advantage.

Year 11 Art

This is a general Visual Art course which involves the students producing work for two or three Internal Assessments and one External Folio over the course of the year using one over-riding theme. The general theme will be set by the teacher but the students will be expected to make personal choices about the specific subject matter they will use within this theme and some of the artist models. The predominant disciplines being used will be Drawing, Painting and Printmaking although if students have a particular interest in Design or Photography they will be given the opportunity to explore this also.

It is expected that the students will be able to gain at least 10 credits from Internal assessments and 12 credits from the External folio. Students will have the option of completing 4 extra internal credits from an internal assessment done either in year 10 or after the completion of their folio.

Course Overview

Term 1
Students will be given the general them and they will be expected to research their specific choice of imagery for use during the year.
Term one will be spent working on the first Achievement Standard - 1.2 which is recording visual information using wet and dry media. This will involve observational drawing of their chosen subjects using various media and techniques. Students will complete one homework drawing per week and all work will contribute to the internal assessment.

Term 2
Students will be working on their second Internal Assessment - 1.3 developing ideas within their theme using both Printmaking and Painting techniques. Students will be using specific, and later their choice of subject matter, to explore compositional and technical conventions, whilst they develop their subject matter in a related series.

Term 3
Students will complete the 1.3 Internal Assessment early in the term and then select their best work from earlier in the year to form the main part of their External folio. Students will then select new artist models and plan and create pieces for the remainder of their folio. Students will be working with the materials and techniques which demonstrates their strengths best.
Students should complete all pieces for their folio by the end of term.

Term 4
Students will have up to one week to put finishing touches on their folio before submission.
Students will then have the opportunity to complete the extra "Cultural piece" standard at either level 1 or level 2 - 1, 5 or 2.5.

Learning Areas:

Visual Arts


Level 2 Art History, Level 2 Design, Level 2 Painting, Level 2 Photography, Level 2 Printmaking

Year 11 Art leads to the Year 12 individual art subjects of Painting, Printmaking, Design and Photography. Students may take up to 3 individual art subjects at level 2 or 3 but it is recommended that students take no more than 2 due to the size of the work load.

Career Pathways

Animator/Digital Artist, Advertising Specialist, Survey Technician, Aeroplane Pilot, Agricultural Technician, Product Assembler, Art Director (Film, Television or Stage), Historian, Heavy Truck Driver, Artist, Artistic Director, Auctioneer, Collision Repair Technician, Automotive Electrician, Automotive Technician, Baker, Bartender, Biomedical Engineer, Metal Worker, Tattoo Artist, Fabrication Engineer, Deckhand, Earthmoving Machine Operator, Bus Driver, Entertainer, Buyer, Surveyor, Clinical Physiologist, Caretaker, Midwife, Chef, Science Technician, Emergency Management Officer, Civil Engineer, Coachbuilder/Trimmer, Graphic Designer, Conservator, Crane Operator, Make-up Artist, Curator, Customs Officer, Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage), Visual Merchandiser, Electronics Trades Worker, Driller, Early Childhood Teacher, Geologist, Engineering Machinist, Exhibition and Collections Technician, Welder, Media Producer, Professional Sportsperson, Forklift Operator, Game Developer, Geophysicist, Hairdresser/Barber, Industrial Spray Painter, Radiation Therapist, Printer, Recycler/Dismantler, Valuer

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Basic equipment will be provided in class and students may take home materials to complete homework tasks. Students should have an A4 or A3 sketch block to use for homework tasks.
The contribution is $22.50 per term