Year 8 Spanish

Course Description

Year 8 Spanish 

(This course takes place over two terms)

Learning a new language provides a means of communicating with people from another culture and exploring one’s own personal world.

Students will learn to be able to: 

• ask about and respond to personal information about themselves and others; 

• describe themselves and others;

• recognise descriptions of themselves and others; 

• describe places, animals, and things; 

• recognise descriptions of places, animals, and things; 

• point out and/or identify people, places, and things; 

• recognise, express, and enquire about physical states (hot, cold, hunger, thirst, age); 

• recognise, express, and enquire about the relationships between people and the ownership of things.

In personal and familiar contexts, students should be able to: 

Listening • understand and respond appropriately to phrases and simple information; • get the gist of simple dialogue and information; • recognise and understand key words or phrases in simple dialogue and information. 

Speaking • speak simple words and phrases with increasingly accurate pronunciation and intonation; • initiate and respond in brief conversations using learned words and phrases. 

Reading • get the gist of simple dialogue and information; • recognise and understand key words and phrases in simple texts. 

Writing • write simple phrases and sentences; • write simple words and phrases from memory.

Course Overview

Term 1
Influential, Inspiring Individuals Unit
- Name
- Date of birth
- Where they are from?
- Describing sentences (eye colour, hair colour, tall, skinny, good looking etc.)
- What do they do?
- The members of their family
- Timeline of important events

Term 2
Describing Animals Unit
- Types
- Countries of Origin
- Eats
- Sleeps
- Characteristics
- Height
- Weight
- Duration of life
- Interesting facts

Career Pathways

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