Year 9 Art

Course Description

Year 9 Art

This is a compulsory course for two periods a week for two terms. The aim of the course is to build fundamental skills in observational drawing, painting, printmaking and design. Students will be introduced to a range of media and techniques through the study of appropriate artist models. Students will incorporate the techniques and compositional expertise of the artist models in to their own work.

Course Overview

Term 1
Students will be introduced to some basic observational drawing techniques. They will learn how to produce a woodcut. Students will learn how to construct a self-Portrait and how to paint with tone and line.

Term 2
Students will learn about typography and illustration design. They will investigate how to create a range of paint textures. students will combine this knowledge in to an illustrative cover design of their choice.
Student will learn how to work with line, ink and tone and complete a mixed media painting utilising the knowledge of Maori Art and the study of contemporary models.

Recommended Prior Learning


Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

A4 homework sketch block and 2B pencil
Contribution - $10 per term