Year 8 English

Course Description

Year 8 English builds on the strengths of prior years and prepares students for their college years.

We strive to make English at the junior level accessible and fun.  We have high expectations that push students to succeed. Students will be encouraged to read for pleasure and be open to new reading experiences. 

We begin the year with a series of standardised tests that form the basis of our planning for the year. Students will be tested again during the mid-year and end of year exams as well as completing assignments and class assessments to gauge their progress throughout the year                                                            

The outline below is an example of a year plan. Courses are planned at the beginning of the school year, once students' abilities, interests and goals are established.




Course Overview

Term 1
Standardised testing
Short stories about family relationships
Drama production

Term 2
Figurative language
Speeches and debates
Film study
Writing tasks

Term 3
Visual Language
Language of advertising assignment
Reading assignment

Term 4
Weekly reading activities
Create a class newspaper
Standardised testing

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Course notes will be given