Year 7 Te Reo Maori

Course Description

Year 7 Te Reo Maori

Achievement objectives

Students will learn to be able to:
- greet, farewell, and acknowledge people and respond to greetings and acknowledgments
- introduce themselves and others and respond to introductions
- communicate about numbers, using days of the week, months and dates
- communicate about personal information, such as name, parents’ and grandparents’ names, iwi, hapū, mountain and river, or home town and place of family origin
- communicate about location
- understand and use simple polite conventions, for example, ways of acknowledging people, expressing regret and complimenting people
- use and respond to simple classroom language (including asking for the word to express something in te reo Māori).

Course Overview

Term 1
Basic Foundation Skills
- Alphabet
- Pronunciation
- Greetings and Farewells
- Basic questions
- Numbers

Term 2
My Family Tree Unit
- Introduce immediate family members
- Their age
- Where they were born?
- Describing sentences
- Vocabulary
- Pronunciation

Term 3
My Pets Unit
- Introduce their family pets
- How many?
- Likes and dislikes
- Giving reasons
- Locations
- Vocabulary
- Pronunciation

Term 4
Recap of work
Prep for exam