Level 2 Music

Course Description

Year 12 Music

This course will enable students to reach their musical potential as performers, researchers and composers.

The course aims to develop an appreciation and lifelong enjoyment of music, develop social skills through group music making and composing  and assist in developing confidence through performances in the school and in the community.

All students must select an instrument to study and attend lessons from an itinerant or private tutor.  Students will have a commitment to regularly practising their chosen instrument.

Involvement in co-curruicular groups such as choir, jazz band, rock band, small singing group and chamber music will be encouraged.

The following standards will be offered during the year.  Students will received their Learning Journal at the beginning of the year to read and highlight standards that will possible to achieve.  Sitting one external standard is highly recommended.

2.1 Achievement Standard 91270.    Perform two substantial pieces of music as a featured soloist.  6 Credits

2.2 Achievement Standard 91274.    Perform a substantial piece of music as a featured soloist on a second instrument. 3 Credits.

2.3 Achievement Standard 91272.   Demonstrate ensemble skills by performing a substantial piece of music as a member of a group. 4 Credits

2.4 Achievement Standard 91271.    Compose two substantial pieces of music. 6 Credits

2.5  Achievement Standard  91275. Demonstrate aural understanding through written representation      Ex                           4 Credits

2.6  Achievement Standard 91276.   Demonstrate knowledge of conventions in a range of music scores    Ex                4 Credits

2.7 Achievement Standard 91277.   Demonstrate understanding of two substantial and contrasting music works  Ex   6 Credits

2.8  Achievement Standard 91273.    Devise an instrumentation for an ensemble                      4 Credits   

2.9 Achievement Standard 91278.      Investigate an aspect of New Zealand music.                     4 Credits

Unit Standards                                        Demonstrate and apply knowledge of electronic music production and music 4 credits                                                    notation application(s)

Course Overview

Term 1
At this level each student will be encouraged to practice at least 1 piece for performance ready to perform in Term 2.

The student should be working towards a profile that includes a range of compositions in a range of programmes, research of an aspect of N.Z. Music and clips of performance practices.

Term 2
To enhance composition literacy, students will be encouraged to arrange music on a DAWS programme as well as a notation programme in Term 2. This will also help with acquiring music theory literacy.

Term 3
Students will be encouraged to complete performances for Level 2 so they can look forward to learning the techniques needed for Level 3.

A technology unit standard will also lay the groundwork for the Technology Unity Standard in Level 3.

Students hoping to sit a Level 2 theory exam will be reviewing past exams.

Term 4
Revision for exams and looking at that Music in the 21st Century should look like.

Recommended Prior Learning

It is recommended that a student is able to play to at least Grade 4 Trinity or ABRSM and has succeeded in completing NCEA Level 1.