Level 1 Digital Technology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr A. Coltham

A Different Approach - Digi in 2020 and Beyond

Mr Coltham is looking at using a different approach to Digi in Level 1.

The focus will be on learning new skills and enjoying the tasks rather than farming for credits.

The target will be 14 credits with course endorsement, with the option of doing heaps more if required by individual students.

The focus will be on a variety of areas rather than an emphasis on computer science.

Course Overview

Term 1
Make a movie based on a plan (6 credits)
The plan can also be done as a full assessment. Intention is come up with a plan and then to just do the movie as the assessment. Can be done in pairs, or as a group (or individually).

Term 2
Create a quiz using Python (4 credits)
Sounds tricky, but is good fun. The quiz will help you learn something needed for other subjects, like the Periodic Table or counting in Maori or whatever you think will be beneficial.

Term 3
Develop a digital media outcome. (4 credits)
Media outcomes are things like websites, posters, brochures, videos etc. Think "media". So for those into coding it could be creating a website, or for others it could be using photoshop to create a poster or plenty of other software applications.
If you don't want to make a website you can just design one as a full assessment for 3 credits.

Term 4
Usability of digital interfaces - External (3 credits)
Compulsory for those going for Course Endorsement. This was quite an interesting topic this year and the student seemed to do very well in the exam ... time will tell.


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