Year 10 Soft Materials Technology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms S. Baker

Year 10 Textiles Technology consists of 3  level 1 NCEA papers. Due to the time consuming nature of soft materials the level 1 course is run over a 2 year time period. At year 10 level there are 3 papers; an  introduction to fabric and materials, using a commercial pattern and making adaptions to a commercial pattern.

This course sets students up to be able to identify the correct fabric to use in specific situations and the correct techniques to be used with each different kind of fabric. These skills are then implemented in the construction of two projects of the students choice using and adapting a commercial pattern. 

Course Overview

Term 1
Achievement standard 91060 - knowing sewing.
Learning about different types of fabrics, techniques, equipment and notions and when to use each of them.

Term 2
Achievement standard 91058 - using a commercial pattern
Students get to choose an item or garment to make and use a commercial pattern to construct it.

Term 3
Achievement standard 91096 - making adaptions to a commercial pattern
Given that patterns are made to a generic body type they will rarely fit us without some adjustment so this unit focuses on learning to make adaptions to a commercial pattern. This may involve lengthening, shortening, adding darts etc.

Term 4
Completing any unfinished projects or making additional creative projects.

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 9 textiles which all students complete as part of a compulsory program.


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