Year 8 Te Reo Maori

Course Description

Year 8 Te Reo Maori

Research shows that the opportunity to learn an additional language has many cultural, social, cognitive, linguistic, economic and personal benefits for students. While these benefits apply to all language learning, there are some specific advantages for New Zealand students in learning Te Reo Ma¯ori. Te Reo Ma¯ori and tikanga Ma¯ori are intertwined, and so learning Te Reo Ma¯ori gives students access to Ma¯ori world views. The insights and experiences that students gain as they learn the language will enrich and broaden their understandings of the uniqueness and complexity of Te Ao Ma¯ori. Students come to understand that culture shapes the ways people think and behave, and begin to appreciate the value of cultural diversity. Through Te Reo they learn about the important role that indigenous languages and cultures play in New Zealand and throughout the world.

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